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Our Super Head Fairy , the fab Miss Lou Lou, has been teaching in Melbourne for over 30 Years with studios across Melbourne, pick one close to you!


Term 4 Dates – 5th of Oct till 12th December.

Mordialloc Open Day!

Northcote Open Day!

Glen Huntly Open Day!

Dance School Melbourne

At Glittery Tapping Wonderland, there is no question that we are the most colourful school in Melbourne you will ever come across. Although we are most certainly the premiere children’s school in the area, you are going to find that we are also much more than just a kids dance school. From tap, to jazz, to hip-hop dancing, to courses that are just for adults, we have dance classes for everyone.

Simply put, whether you want to introduce your little one to the different genre’s, or if you want to explore possibilities for yourself, we’re happy to help!

 Dance Classes Melbourne

When it comes to finding the best dance classes for either yourself, your children, or even for the both of you, age and experience are the two things we are going to pay the most attention to. We have a wide variety of age-appropriate classes for children. As far as for adult’s go, we have courses designed to match your interests, as well as your experience level. We want you to learn about the wonders and pleasures of tap, jazz, hip-hop, and other genre types in the best environment possible. Are you looking for an environment with no exams, no uniforms and no yelling? You’ve found us!

We are a kids dance school that offers combined dance classes. This gives the kids the ability to try a wide variety of options, in order to find something that interests them the most. If your children know exactly what they want to learn, then we have some exciting fairy classes to help get them started. If your child is between the ages of 2 and 4, we have Fairy Tap, Fairy Ballet, and Fairy Jazz. These dance classes teach the basics of dance in a fun, lighthearted atmosphere, while also showing the children the value of listening, following instructions, and being helpful.

As your child gets older, we have additional classes to help them learn even more. Giggle Ballet, Glittery Tap, and Funky Jazz are great for dancers four years or older. From there, we have ballet, tap, and funky jazz/hip-hop for dancers five years of age or older, this is especially for kids after school.

For Adults we have Ballet, tap and Jazz. There are some amazing health benefits that come from participating in this enjoyable art from. Please read our helpful blog posts that go into more specific detail in showcasing why we are so passionate about Glitter Tapping Wonderland. This why we are recognized as one of the leading dance school’s in Melbourne.



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