The glamour tapital of the known universe..

Tap dancing, Jazz dancing, Ballet dancing, Hip Hop and more.
Learn to dance… Advance your dance… Beginners to Advanced!
Our Super Head Fairy , the fab Miss Lou Lou, has been teaching dance in Melbourne for over 30 Years with dance studios across Melbourne, pick one close to you!

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Term 1 Dates – Jan 27 to March 28

Term 2 Dates – April 13 to 27 June

Term 3 Dates – 13 July till 19th of September.

Mordialloc Open Day!

Northcote Open Day!

Glen Huntly Open Day!


A Proud History of Dance.

With its opening in 2003, Glittery Tapping Wonderland is a unique and interesting activity for adults and children that are interested in learning more about the world of dance.  The program started in Parkdale inside of a quaint church hall and has since expanded to studios in Mordialloc, Glen Huntly, and Northcote.  The program is founded and operated by Miss Lou Lou, an enthusiastic woman that has over 30 years of experience in the industry.

All of the schools and children and adults dance classes are founded on two main components: positivity and creativity.  When you and/or your children start the program they will have many good laughs with the instructors and with the other students in the class.  It is everything that dance should be, laughing, happiness, and overwhelming joy.  Everyone is welcome regardless of their age, size, or dancing experience and you will be encouraged to do the best that you can to develop your skills and to have fun.

There are no uniforms; dancers are able to wear comfortable clothing that they can get hot in, whether it is an elsa or fairy dress for the little ones or a leotard and ballet skirt. Even sweat pants and tee shirt is fine. You can also wear bubbles, glitter, tiaras, or anything that will help you to feel more confident in yourself and help you to have more fun.

There are a wide variety of different children and adults dance classes that you can choose from to give you the best dancing opportunity possible. Whether you are interested in learning the basics or have danced before and want to come back to it for a bit of fun and exercise. There are tap dancing classes for kids and adults as well as jazz, ballet, hip hop, contemporary, acrobatics classes and fairy dance classes for pre schoolers. Many different styles and techniques available!

Whether you are an experienced dancer or someone that is just looking for a fun place to go during the week, you can sign up to any of the fantastic relaxing classes available for kids and adults through Glittery Tapping Wonderland.

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